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Message from the President

MIYAMOTO ELECTRIC HORN was established over 140 years ago, and since then we have maintained the corporate philosophy of translating customers' dreams for a 'Safe & Prosperous Society' into visible 'Products'.

This entrepreneurial spirit has been reflected to our car electronics products and we have established a high degree of trust with customers.

Increasing demand for information technology and environmental consideration is a major challenge of transformation for auto-related industries to survive, which we believe creates tremendous business opportunities.

On the basis of technology and trust that we have earned by supporting the automotive industry for many years, we will continuously take on challenges to become an environmentally-friendly parts manufacturer for further success in the 21st century, encouraging technological development and setting higher targets for quality improvement.
President Yusaku Miyamoto

Corporate Philosophy & Management Vision

Corporate Philosophy

1. Cherish harmony among people.
2. Encourage originality and ingenuity in work.
3. Create excellent products.

Management Vision

1. Become an environmentally-friendly auto parts manufacturer.
2. Strive to achieve technological development and high quality objectives.
3. Generate local employment to prosper together with local communities.