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Testing Facilities and Testing Services

Miyamoto owns testing facilities required for the development of automotive components.
We offer testing services utilizing these facilities at competitive prices.

Environmental Testing Facilities

・Temperature and humidity chamber
・Thermal shock chamber
・High temperature oven
・Dust test chamber
・Random vibration test machine + Temperature and humidity chamber
・Water resistance test machine
・Sine-wave vibration machine + Constant temperature oven
・Impact test machine
・Salt spray test chamber
・Anechoic chamber
・Sound level meter, etc.

Electrical Testing Facilities

・Electrostatic test chamber, etc.

Main Facilities

  • Thermal shock chamber

    Thermal Shock Chamber

  • Anechoic chamber

    Anechoic Chamber

  • Temperature & Humidity chamber

    Temperature and Humidity Chamber

  • Dust test instrument

    Dust Test Chamber

  • Random vibration testing system + Temperature & Humidity chamber

    Random Vibration Testing System
    Temperature and Humidity Chamber